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10 year immersing in marketing has given us the professionalism and audacity to create marketing campaigns which could touch and move clients’ hearts.

Touch Media Vietnam is a multi-disciplinary marketing agency, which specializes in digital. In the cutting-edge business world, we follow the successful receipe of every marketing campaign.

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Market research

The very first & basic step in each marketing campaign will be understand market. Basing on clients’ demand or the availability of data, Touch Media will implement the different scale of research.

Marketing strategy & branding

Why do your pr article have few views? Why do your fanpage have few engagements? All starts from your overall strategy. It will be solid foundation which drive your campaign go the right direction.

Digital marketing

Because of the popularity of the electronic device, digital has been always be the first choice of each campaign marketing. Touch Media will optimize your budget and reach the highest effectiveness.

Ads customization

You know how to set up the ads but do not know the way to optimize budget. Do not worry, Touch Media will be the first choice in optimizing your budget and promote your sale.

Viral content

Content is king. Touch Media is confident to create the viral & suitable one which catch customers’ high attention.


Organizing the outstanding event will not be too difficult to implement. However, how to satisfy all participants or tackle the unexpected things? Touch Media is confident to solve all mentioned problems with the event up to 600 participants.

Television show

A dispensable material to make a complete campaign.

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